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dr rosaly discount veteriary housecall service
dr rosaly is a 1995 grad of the Cornell vet school . housecalls on staten island only. dogs and cats. housecall $40. all vaccines most meds and treatments $20 973-747-7448
Dr rosaly discount veterinary house calls. Serving the people and the pets of Staten Island. Offering low cost service and personal service by a caring veterinarian. Less stress for you and your pet, because the vet comes to you. No waiting rooms, with long waits and other pets. It is a stressful environment for some. Also the cost is less and in these economic times cost can mean getting pet care or putting off pet care. Less stress, less cost, personal service. I can do almost all that can be done at a regular vet clinic except surgeries and radiographs. I can do simple treatments in your home, ear cleanings, treatments, treatments for simple upper respiratory problems, diarrhea and vomiting issues. I have most meds and those that I don’t have I can script out to you, and even have the meds delivered to you. Simple skin problems, cuts scratches, some eye problems and many other things. Arthritis age related problems, slips and sprains. Pain management. I can do all lab testing and I use the same labs all the other hospitals use. I carry most vaccinations for cats and dogs. I charge only $40 for the house call visit and exam, and only $20 for all vaccinations. Most medications and simple treatments are only $20. (Some medications are more expensive or more for larger animals) I try to help where I can, if you cannot afford treatments call me and we can try something, or I can advise you what your options may be. I have been doing the house call thing for two years now, and have helped many people and have made many friends and helped many animals. I love what I do. I have other regular veterinary jobs, so this is what I do in my spare time. I help people and animals. If I can help I will. I am a 1995 graduate of the Cornell veterinary school. One of the few Ivy League veterinary schools in the country, ranked number one for the past ten years. Also I am a active member in the American veterinary society, the veterinary information network, and the international veterinary information service. I have just this year finished the ABVP three-part course in veterinary medicine and hope to become board certified in the future. I do this because I enjoy it. If you know of some one who’s pet is suffering, call me or tell them to call me. If it is because of financial reasons, sometimes I will wave my visit exam fee and just charge for the medications. I do use Webster vet as my main supply, and antech as my regular lab. Those bills I have to pay. But I will do what I can to help. There are programs available out there to help people with money problems. I also have clients who just want the personal care that a house call vet supplies or like the convenience of the service. I am sorry that I can only do Staten Island, and I am sorry that I can only do three or four calls a week, but I will try my best to help. See the website (www.statenislandhousecallvet.com) or join the yahoo group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/drcharlesrosaly/join) or just click the link on the website. Or if you wish just email me at drcharlesrosaly@hotmail.com or just call 973-747-7448 . peace out and be good out there. Dr. Rosaly

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